Cammy Loves to Torment Losers
Submitted1 year ago
Description: Cammy has Lance tied up to a wall, and she's going to have a great time teasing him into an erection, and tormenting his balls. This isn't her first victim. Nothing turns her on more than a man completely insane with sensual teasing, while she abuses his balls before she eventually castrates him. She has a long, terrible plan for him that involves a lot of teasing, sexy outfits, blow jobs and hand jobs almost to the point of him cumming followed with more ballbusting, foot teasing, and lots of laughing at his tormented situation. Her kicks start out light, but the knees do major damage as she gets warmed up on his nuts. At one point, she's squeezing one nut in each hand while she has his dick in her mouth, and it's amazing. She might let him cum before she cuts his cock and balls off. Either way, she's going to have a great time.
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