Going All The Way
解説: Alex heard that the Nuru Massage Parlor had moved so he wanted to check the new site out. When he arrived for his appointment he gave Lizz his credit card then followed her upstairs. She immediately stripped naked, showing him her amazing tits and tight body. She undressed him and took him to the showers where she rubbed his body and deepthroated his big cock. Once she had him good and hard she took him to the air mattress where she coated both their bodies with the sensual Nuru gel and started sliding her body against his. He was lying face down, but that didn't stop her from reaching underneath him and paying extra attention to his cock. She stroked and teased it then had him roll over on his back so she could suck it some more. Alex liked how she stroked and sucked his dick, but he wanted more. She took the hint, climbed up and slammed his dick deep inside her tight pussy. She rode him for a little while then let him roll her over onto her back so he could pound her pussy hard. When he was ready to burst he pulled out and drained his balls all over her sexy flat belly. This new location was going to be just fine.
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